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Welcome dear reader! Today I want to tell you about the future.

I’m just a regular engineer and have been working for companies that need my skills to automate their processes. What I see for all of the years - that a huge number of people making some useless things (in general of course). They just waste their time trying to appease the bosses, compromise with conscience - no one wants to lose their place and as result: again and again they are build not good solutions with huge tech debt. Such company projects just can’t satisfy worker curiosity, don’t allow self-realization and ultimately kill any craving for the creation of new and interesting things.

But anyway the day will come and almost everyone will realize that their time is going away. Every year they ask themselves “What I’ve reached/learned/done this year?” and if the answer is just “Fed my family by sitting in the workplace doing meaningless things”, then such guys will never feel good. And these guys are not just regular mules - they are high-level professionals, the most important asset of any company. They have their dreams, but need to spend their life in this way - because what can they do with it?

The future

When someone asks me how society will look in the future - I will tell them about the unity of free creators. They live and the main purpose of their existence is self-realization. They have enough money to live, but they can’t picture themself without creating something new - without reaching new horizons and taking new peaks. They are artists, musicians, architects, developers, programmers. They are creators.

Why are they doing this? Because in the future AI & robots are doing boring things and for humans there is the only one job - to generate ideas, think about realization, telling AI what needs to be done and pointing to the next goal.

Of course, it’s just an imaginary future, but think about it - many creators are already trying to fight the system, just live and build new things. But reality tells them - you need to feed yourself and your family, which means you need to spend your precious time doing some proprietary things that will never be seen by the rest of the world. So they can’t get satisfaction from their work even if they are building something interesting - if no one will see that - than what is the point? Just to get some money and spend the rest of their time for the pet-projects.

Many programmers are going to opensource to help others with their ideas or starting their project as open source - because right now it’s the best way to actually do something. Usually they have enough money, but don’t have enough time to plunge into the idea.

And who are these guys? It’s specialists, professionals who know what they are doing. They want to know more, jump higher, run faster than anyone else. But they are stuck in a 5d/8h daily job where they usually do something that will never be used by anyone.

Why and How?

So this project is gonna change the world of IT development.

Companies will never hire someone to just sit and get a salary. Companies will have open tickets to build something and anyone could join and get the bounty if their solution is good enough. Most of the businesses right now using open source software and they need to understand that proprietary software is already resigned. So why are they still spending money to create such new useless things?

It will be much better to create a ticket in some open source application and set some bounty for the one, who will prepare a good solution and it will be merged to the project (or will just be good enough to fit the customer’s requirements).

Of course it’s just a raw thought and some details probably will be different, but overall it will somehow solve the issue with a developers free time: someone found an interesting ticket and started to do it. When he did it - community & customer reviewing it and deciding what changes need to be applied. When the code is merged with the codebase - executor is getting a reward.

Creator does not belong to a company or managers anymore - he is free to do whatever he wants. So this could turn the page of our history, but of course need to be tested. So State Of The Art is here to try this approach, correct it and show it to the rest of the world.

If it will work well - we will be one step closer to a different world where creators are free.

If it will not - so, we will try something else. Optimization and automation will find the best way for us and for our future.