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aSocial - is a peer-to-peer distributed social network that gives you full control over your social information.


  • Idea & realization: Rabit


Please check out the wiki page: Wiki


  • Host:
    • Smartphone / Tablet - anything with Android 5+ (Lollipop or better)
    • Linux - any distributive with Qt 5.15 support should work
  • aSocial - application piece, binaries published in Android store and available on the GitHub release page.


Existing social networks and messangers are centralized or proprietary and not allow to control your information. So aSocial is aimed to provide the simple way to control how your information is stored and how it’s available for your contacts.

More about the project, it’s main ideas, features and the most important mechanisms you can read in the aSocial blog post.


The project was started as typical social 12/28/2013 and mutated to distributed and found itself 10/17/2014. The POC was focused on UI, but some basic components were also prepared. Stopped due to breaking Qt changes, not ready Lightning network (second layer of Bitcoin for microtransactions) and overall project complexity was stopped 03/30/2016.

The origins are stored on Rabit’s project GitHub page.


Basic features of the social platform:

  • Modules - add or remove components or use the other vendor component as plugin
  • History - store not just dates of item, but also any edit of the items
  • Persons - personal & legal entities, existing (with profiles) or imaginary
  • Events - anything happened, happening, going to happen in the life
  • Messages - monetized conversation threads or any other interaction like profile updates, news
  • Overlays - your vision or additional information for existing or new entities, could be password protected
  • Synchronization - make sure your devices replicates the information / profiles you have
  • Sharing - ability to share your files with friends from any device you have


You can see all the feature requests/bugs on the github page:


This is an experimental project. The main goal is to test State of the Art philosophy in practice.

We would love to see independent developers working on the project’s issues: for fun and interest as well as for monetary compensation (say, attached to the tickets).


The repository and its contents are covered by Apache v2.0, so anyone can use it without any concerns.

If you have any changes you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to make a pull-request and push them into the original repository. Definitely no pressure though.

Privacy policy

It’s very important to save user private data and you can be sure: we are working on security of our applications and improving it every day. No data could be sent somewhere without user notification and his direct approval. This application is using network connection as minimum as possible to perform only the operations of its main purpose. All the connections are secured by the wide using open standards. Any internet connection will not be allowed to collect any user personal data anyway.