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Binocular - is an initiative to boost the opensource VR/AR glasses development.


  • Idea & realization: Rabit


This project exist in order to bring AR to the masses and make the AR the regular part of the reality, just like the internet itself.

The open designs can help the other parties to make their own wearable devices for special purposes and allow the software developers to create a relatively cheap applications without attachment to the proprietary platforms.


You can check the GitHub page to get more information and download the available assets.


The repository and its contents are covered by Apache v2.0, so anyone can use it without any concerns.

If you have any changes you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to make a pull-request and push them into the original repository. Definitely no pressure though.

Privacy policy

It’s very important to save user private data and you can be sure: we are working on security of our applications and improving it every day. No data could be sent somewhere without user notification and his direct approval. This application is using network connection as minimum as possible to perform only the operations of its main purpose. All the connections are secured by the wide using open standards. Any internet connection will not be allowed to collect any user personal data anyway.