Linux/Chromium screenshot Android/Firefox screenshot Blender render of the main scene
The site screenshots and render pictures


Visit3D is aimed to prepare a relatively simple starting point / example of creating 3d site. It was prepared as an idea of game wedding invite site with huge territory that could be explored by the visitor, but was shrinked down to one chapel location due to time restrictions.


  • Idea & realization: Rabit


  • Uses only opensource tooling
  • Supports Win/Lin/Mac + IOS/Android with Firefox/Chromium/Safari browsers (except for IE or Edge)
  • Supports JWE/JWT invite links for personalized messages through templating
  • Includes golang-based webserver for easy deployment
  • Relatively easily customizable


The site consists of 2 parts - javascript static site and visit3d minimalistic golang server to process the templates based on the user token (or absence of it).

You can find all the sources in the GitHub repository and build your own site following the build steps. After that it could be deployed to any cloud provider (like GCP/AWS) with their load balancers or any other way suitable for you to put your site in www.


The repository and its contents are covered by Apache v2.0, so anyone can use it without any concerns.

If you have any changes you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to make a pull-request and push them into the original repository. Definitely no pressure though.

Privacy policy

It’s very important to save user private data and you can be sure: we are working on security of our applications and improving it every day. No data could be sent somewhere without user notification and his direct approval. This application will work standalone without any internet connection and will not collect any user personal data anyway.